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Om Elisabeth Kitzing & musiken

Hi I'm Liz!


I burn to get to know God better each day. He has become my hope, my peace and my best friend and I wish the same for you! Maybe it's easier to believe when you lack hope. I did:

I was born into a dysfunctional family in New York - my father was a workaholic and alcoholic and my mom was in and out of the hospital all throughout my life. I learned, early on, that I was all alone in this world - like a leaf blown around in the wind, I was scared and hopeless until the day Jesus came into my life.

When I became a Christian I immediately found hope  but my soul needed mending. God has been patient with me, offering me an unconditional love that slowly healed and strengthened me through power verses. Power verses (portions of the Bible that encourage, challenge and ignite me) have helped transform me from a scared and hopeless child to a secure and empowered woman with a purpose.

I've found my way back to my calling  - being a music creator, artist and author and now I share how power verses got me back on track to be a creative soul who helps and encourages others.

Featherhead media is a team made up of me plus my dear husband Johan. We work together to give you quality music, books, videos and podcasts for your soul. Browse around this page and get on our mailing list. Welcome aboard!


Inspirerande musik, böcker och videor för din själ

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© all music and text 2019 by Elisabeth Kitzing


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