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An Indie Musician's Diary Vol 3:

The continuation of my story during the summer after the debut album, Change My Mind, was released.  Covers the ups and downs of every day life as an indie musician trying to find her "sound" and trying to cut all corners but quality to make it work. Some of the topics include: acoustic treatment of the studio; improving routines; instrument know how; Logic Pro X 5; learning mastering; IT problems; networking...It includes many video tips and links to articles on how to make great music. Follow the process of constantly learning and finding a path forward as an indie musician. 

An Indie Musician's Diary Vol 2:

Starts when the third song of the Change My Mind album was sent for mastering and through the release and promotion that followed. It includes many video tips and links to articles on how to make great music. Follow the process of constantly learning and finding a path forward as an indie musician. 


An Indie Musician's Diary Vol 1:

describes part one of the story about how I worked on my dream of doing music after coming back from Nashville. You see the complexity of becoming an audio engineer, learning all about publishing, mixing and promotion and how I begin to get my demo album remixed. It's great for those who want to learn more about music production and promotion. Fans, who want to follow the Change My Mind Project, will also get an inside look at the complexity of music making. 


Cover, free version of My Imaginary Friend - why I believe when others don't (Wattpad)
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My Imaginary Friend

Wonder why I keep believing in Jesus when others don't? I'm starting to write my story about what I've found.....

The Reasons Why

'There are many reasons why people don't look into Jesus as an alternative. I look at many of the reasons why they are not interested, why they are afraid or skeptical of Christianity and what we Christians can do to help people find the Lover of their souls.


The Stoneaters live deep in the Swedish forest and are so small that you just might miss them as you go about whatever it is you do. On Wattpad, you can read the story for free, a story about how Rocky, a guitar-playing teenage stoneeater stumbles over a great discovery that changed his family's situation forever. This is a story that will warm your heart, full of humor and puns. 

Written* and illustrated by Elisabeth Kitzing, The Little Green Stoneater is one in a series of Christmas stories that she has written for her, now adult, children, just for fun. * Based on some silly jokes by her husband. 


In addition to working on the Change My Mind project I have made a video with a time of worship called Time With You #1. I made a lyrics book for each project.  Get a free copy? The texts are worth meditating on. 

Click on the book (picture) to read it on Wattpad or click on the button here to download the lyrics to Change My Mind on Song Select or get the Time w/You lyrics book as a pdf. 

Cover of the Change My Mind lyrics book
Thecover of Time With You #1 (lyrics book), based on the worship video